Where can I find free legal resources? Where can I get free immigration help?

Where can I find free legal resources? Where can I get free immigration help?If you need assistance with any immigration problem, you can use the services of a licensed immigration lawyer.

Contact your local bar association to help you find a qualified lawyer.

In some states, immigration law specialists are required to undergo certification. These lawyers take exams to test special knowledge in the field of immigration law.

The lists of these certified professionals are currently listed on the websites of the following states: California, Florida, North Carolina and Texas.

If you need legal assistance on an immigration issue, but you do not have enough money to hire a lawyer, there are some ways to get inexpensive or free help.

Consider getting help at one of the following places:

1. In a recognized organization. These are organizations that are officially recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). In order to be recognized by the Appeals Board, an organization must have sufficient knowledge and experience in providing services to immigrants. An organization may charge and accept only very small fees for its services.
2. Have an accredited representative. These are individuals who are associated with organizations officially recognized by the BIA. Such representatives may charge or accept only a very small fee for their services.

3. Have a qualified representative. These are individuals who provide free services. Such representatives should be familiar with immigration law and court rules. Students and law graduates, as well as conscientious people associated with you personally or professionally (relative, neighbor, clergyman, work colleague, friend) can act as qualified representatives.

4. In companies providing free legal services. The Ministry of Justice has a list of approved firms that provide free legal services to people who participate in immigration proceedings. This is a list of lawyers and organizations that may agree to represent immigrants in cases handled by immigration courts. Such lawyers and organizations agree to help immigrants on a voluntary basis (free of charge) only in immigration proceedings. Some of them will not be able to assist you in matters not related to the consideration of the case in court, that is, on applications for visas, naturalization, etc.

5. In a firm participating in the free legal services program (volunteer). A list of local approved organizations and their volunteer (free of charge) organizations can usually be obtained from each local office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Tip: keep multiple copies of all forms that you send to the US Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) and other government agencies. Send copies of documents, not originals. Forms can sometimes be lost, so saving copies will help avoid problems.

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