These New Rules Make It Much More Difficult To Become A Legal Immigrant In The U.S.

These New Rules Make It Much More Difficult To Become A Legal Immigrant In The U.S.The administration of President Trump is committed to ensuring compliance with the migration law to the maximum. In connection with the new rules, it has become more difficult for immigrants to “consolidate” in the territory of the States. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is responsible for enforcing them.

What are the difficulties that may arise in anticipation of legal status? USCIS is now more carefully considering applications for benefits by immigrants. Previously, they were carried out selectively. Special attention was paid to services that collect biometric data. Personal interviews are still conducted by USCIS staff.

Many students annually use their position with F-1, M or J. visas. After completing the curriculum, they lose their status and must leave the country. Needless to say, not everyone did this? Now, if a person arrived as a student, then at the expiration of the visa, he should definitely leave the country. Previously, students often violated the conditions of their stay and remained in the United States, working without the necessary permits, without having a single day of illegal presence. To eliminate this behavior and introduced new rules.

One of the main innovations is the simplification of the deportation policy

As a result, the list of reasons for the expulsion of visitors from the country is growing and the likelihood of receiving NTA has increased. NTA is the notification of the need to appear in an immigration court. This means that the deportation process has already begun. Especially this point applies to citizens who have been refused a visa or a greencard. Each application for a visa extension is checked equally carefully. It doesn’t matter if you only get a visa or extend it. To extend the need to bring documents and confirm that the basic facts of your life still remain unchanged.

USCIS now requires more information from immigrants

And from their employers too. When arriving in the country on an H-1B work visa, keep in mind that your superiors will be asked to confirm that they really give you a job that matches your knowledge. Especially when a person works in third-party jobs. However, in the continuation of the topic of work: the Ministry of Justice, together with USCIS, monitor cases of harassment of American employees in favor of a visiting employee. This is especially true for organizations where a decent proportion of workers are immigrants. Moreover, now employees of migration services can visit the offices of companies with a check without warning. They need to make sure that all employees comply with immigration laws, and are engaged in the business to which their visas apply. As a result, illegal salary and employment will not go unnoticed.

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