Trump administration lawsuit against California

Trump administration lawsuit against CaliforniaTrump administration has entered into another legal battle with California: Washington requires Sacramento to repeal the law passed in October last year and entered into force on January 1, according to which California acquires the pre-emptive right to purchase land plots in the state owned by the federal government.

The area of ​​federal lands in California exceeds 18.5 million hectares. California Democrats fear that the tramp will allow private businesses to carry out oil prospecting or production there and want to proactively buy them out. The administration’s position boils down to the fact that federal laws take precedence over state ones and that only the Congress on the Constitution is authorized to dispose of federal lands in accordance with the interests of the state.

“California in its role,” said the head of the Justice Department Jeff Sessions. “No other state has such legislation.”

California is formally unable to block deals with federal lands, but has the right to refuse to transfer documents for ownership from one owner to another, so that the latter can not either obtain a loan secured by land or insure his plot. By law, a person registering a similar deal with the federal land without notifying the California authorities is liable to a fine of $ 5,000.

Last month, Trump administration filed a lawsuit against California for the policy of harboring illegal migrants. The President, for his part, condemned Governor Jerry Brown for pardoning the five illegal criminals who were threatened with deportation.

Picture Credit: sarangib