Always Read The Fine Print – Woman Reads Whole Insurance Policy, Wins $10,000

Always Read The Fine Print - Woman Reads Whole Insurance Policy, Wins $10,000Despite the fact that many lawyers strongly advise citizens not to thoughtlessly put their signatures on documents with which they have not read the content most thoroughly, the number of disputes related to this does not decrease. This is especially true of papers with obligations to pay large sums of money. After all, a mistake due to own negligence, ignorance of the law or its incorrect interpretation by one of the parties does not constitute grounds for invalidating any transaction.

The first thing everyone should remember is not to hurry: there should always be time to think and consult with a lawyer. Even if the situation is very clear, you should not give in to pressure or your own mood and immediately sign something. We need to take time to think in a calm atmosphere. No need to think that a worthwhile offer would be upset. Honest partners always meet each other.

But fraudsters just do not like it, because the victim can fall off the hook, so they will strongly oppose her desire to think about everything. Therefore, the time taken for reflection and consultation with a lawyer is always a blessing to the person.

The American insurance company Squaremouth has arranged a secret competition for attentive customers. Conditions for obtaining a prize (10 thousand dollars) were written in small print in the documents for registration of insurance for travel to other countries.

The first trick was exposed by the 59-year-old high school teacher Donelan Andrews from the US state of Georgia. The woman carefully read the legal papers that were intentionally written in complex language using specific terms. The hidden message was on the seventh page, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“To emphasize the importance of studying the documents for signature, we launched the“ We Pay for Reading ”contest, in which we encourage the person who reads the information in the agreements from beginning to end. If you read this during the contest and have time to contact us first, you will be presented with the main prize of 10 thousand dollars, ”the papers said.

Picture Credit: mohamed_hassan