New Stand Your Ground Bill Can Be Used For Defence

New Stand Your Ground Bill Can Be Used For DefenceThe state of Florida has passed a fresh bill to make way for a new clause in the form of Stand your Ground. This move allows any individual to gun warning shots if he/she feels of defensive requirements. Warning shots are to simply make a threatening atmosphere on the attackers mind so that the assaulted victim can impose his/her superiority and safety.

The governor of the state of land of Florida R. Scott signed the long pending bill termed HB89 in response to the case revolving Marissa Alexander who had been convicted because she fired a warning bullet at her assailant who was also her husband as he was tormenting her by hurling abuses. The case was then filed against Marissa as she was convicted with arms possession and the case lingered till Gov. Scott passed the bill.

The HB89 case is a rising indifference in the change of political minds of the government as the previous bodies did nothing much to promote the defensive issues of an individual. The terms also had a jail term of 10, 15, 20, and 25 years for the assailants who took the HB89 act the wrong step with illegal weapon possession or criminal activities.

The act also states the defensive faces of force to make the victim spare themselves from the hands of getting victimized and the law permits and believes that a gun warning shot can make way to help the scenario change. The stand your ground tagline is ideal and appropriate making it clear to the assailant of any further harassment or bully. The law though got mixed reviews as the people against it believe that the bill will take course to a wrong way with defense getting overlapped by offense. The law has taken their strides in keeping cover for illegal link ups with the possession of arms.

The law is keen to make it a safe and smooth justice billing system as they feel that a victim can get saved from the consequences if they fire an alarming gun-shot just to inflict a sense of fear on the attackers mind. This will also help the prey to measure up to some safety steps to get away to some emergency help service. It is often reported that coupes tend to fight over household issues and the expression tends to get out of hand. The stand your ground act can save up such situations if used up with the right intention.

Lawyers are also up for a cause with this bill i.e. stand your ground as they feel that every client should get a proper chance of escaping from any kind of victimized situations. Although many feel that this act can lead to serious criminal offences the law makers have made strict forums and petitions have been filed to protect the state from illegal activities. Any individual who have the misconception of keeping a gun for illegal purposes will find themselves in prison close to a lifetime if not met at the court with proper evidence and innocent matter.

Image credit: Stephanie Frey