Domestic Violence And Your Life

Domestic Violence And Your LifeWhat is Domestic Violence and what can you do to avert it?

Domestic Violence is when one partner uses violence and aggression to dominate the other in an abusive, and or unwilling manner. Establishing power is the primal goal in this sort of behavior, and often can lead to serious if not fatal injury(s). Domestic violence is a growing problem in the United States especially, as well as across the globe. Typically, victims fear for their lives out of retaliation from their partners so they are commonly less inclined to report abuse.

Many people do not realize or appreciate that domestic abuse comes in all shapes and sizes, and does not discriminate in nature based on gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or other variables. Additionally, domestic abuse is not only limited to sexual relationships, as there is common domestic abuse amongst family members, and even friends—sadly.  Statistically speaking, 1 in every 4 women has been or will be a victim to a form of domestic abuse in the United States. Men make up for 3 million or more domestic cases in the United States.

Victims come in all shapes and sizes, and should never blame themselves for the neurotic, abusive relationships or victims assault that they may find themselves entwined in. While it is understandably difficult and scary to seek out help, new measures are researched and applied to the judicial system and public (non-profit) organizations to try and assist victims of domestic abuse. More than 60% of domestic abuse situations take place at home, sadly a place that we should be able to feel secure and at ease in.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, domestic abuse and violence is the third leading cause that renders individuals homeless. Sadly domestic abuse victims take up at least one third of New York City’s homeless shelters.

Statistics of battered persons

  • The most at-risk persons are females ages 20 to 24. More than 4 million women experience Domestic Abuse and Assault in the United States Annually. According to Police reports, one out of every 3 homicides involving a female involve a significant other.
  • Domestic Abuse ruins families. According to statistics, children that experience domestic violence, assault, or witness it is between 30% and 60% annually–dependent upon sex, demographic, and geographic. Children that are exposed to domestic abuse and assault are more likely to do poorly in school, suffer emotional illnesses, and even physical illness.
  • The United States spends upwards of $37 billion dollars per year in litigation, mental and physical health treatment and support, and productivity losses within the corporate industry.
  • Last but not least, sadly, individuals–especially women–whom are exposed to domestic violence, assaulted, or witness it are more inclined to face depression, poor performance at work, substance abuse, and even the potential to be physically and or verbally abusive towards their own children or spouses. Men on the other hand, have a much greater chance of becoming abusers themselves after witnessing or enduring domestic abuse themselves.

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