All About Computer Crime

All About Computer CrimeComputer crimes sound like something straight from a movie, but they’re very real and actually pose quite a threat to the everyday browser. There are many different offenses to look at when it comes to computer crimes, and that’s mainly because there’s so many different platforms out there that have communities and gatherings of individuals. In some cases a computer crime can be looked at as being fraud or larceny, just through the use of computers/the internet. Most of the computer crimes you’ll come across are unique in many different ways, and there are so many different kinds of hacking protocols out there that it can make your bones shiver!

It’s one thing to have a secure anti-virus on your computer at all times, but being smart about how you browse the internet is another way you can stay completely safe on your computer. If you’re doing online shopping that’s just another great reason to be safe with your computer adventures, one false download and you’ll be looking at hackers running for your open ports faster than you could say “oh my god, did they just buy a brand new car with my credit card?”.

  • Here are a few computer crimes that are relatively common in the developed world:
  • Accessing a computer/network of computers without proper authorization
  • Damaging or modifying files on a computer or network without proper authorization (as well as stealing data)
  • Using computers within a fraudulent scheme of some sort
  • Creating falsified e-mail information for source purposes
  • Sending out a virus through e-mail or any other outlet with the sole intention to harm other systems or networks

Computer crimes are quite real, this isn’t just some Hollywood script that is supposed to give you Goosebumps. Computers can be dangerous if you aren’t careful, so tread lightly!

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